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schumer and john mccain discussed details of immigration issues. the senators were featured speakers at the political playbook breakfast. this is 50 minutes. >[applause] >> good morning. thank you so much for coming out early for our breakfast. welcome to those of you in life stream land, i appreciate having you. this is our first breakfast in 2013. we look forward to seeing you throughout this year after the amazing year we had last year. we will go inside the "gang of eight" this morning. they helped pull off a bipartisan agreement. they will take you inside that. before we chat with the senators, we will welcome manu ragu, who helped break the story. after that, senator mccain. before that, i would like to think bank of america for their partnership, making these conversations possible, including that incredible brunch where people had a great time. we had great conversations. the play book series is a form that makes it possible for us to talk in depth about the issues that matter most in washington. in twitter land, if i do it right, the questions will pop up right here. i got m
] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> democratic senator chuck schumer and republican senator john mccain, tomorrow morning they take part in a political breakfast series. later, a senate panel looks at dawn violent following -- at gun violence following the newtown, connecticut school shooting. watch live coverage from the senate judiciary committee at 10:00 a.m. eastern. >> all of us work hard for a quality way before got to the white house. the darndest thing, i think the ladies will agree, the days before your married to the president-elect, nobody gives a darn what you say. the day after you are married to the president-elect of people think you are brilliant. >> c-span new original series, first ladies, influence and image. their public and private lives, their influence on the president. produced by the white house historical association. season one begins presidents' day, february 18, at 9:00 p.m. eastern and pacific. >> now discussion on cia interrogations in the search for osama bin laden. we will hear from cia officials who served during the bush administration. the american enterprise institute hosts this 90-
colleagues, including senator john mccain. that exchange is about an hour and a half into the hearing. later, we will get your thoughts about the nomination and hearing on our phone lines at 11:00 p.m. eastern, 8:00 pacific. carl levin chairs the armed services committee and makes the opening statement. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] >> good morning, everybody. the committee meets today to consider the nomination of former senator chuck hagel to be secretary of defense. before i begin, i want to first welcome senator inhofe as the new ranking republican on our committee, succeeding senator mccain. senator mccain has been a great partner over the past six years, and i thank him for all the work he has done to get bills enacted, his leadership on a host of issues, his support for the work of this committee, and for always keeping our hearings likely. -- lively. senator inhofe has shown his strong commitment to the national defense over his 20 years on this committee. and i know that we are going to work well toge
's. it is a tapestry. it is complicated. when john wrote the report he said that there is no evidence that any imminent attacks have been stopped for the cia interrogations program. let's let that stand on its merits. let's not even challenge that. that then is taken to mean the program therefore was not effective. you cannot prove this close, immediate, if it did not lead you to tackle someone who is around on the rooftop right before the attempt, then it did not count. breaking up the financial network 18 months earlier, disrupting the courier, you get the point. sometimes it gets bollixed up. we had all the letters here. we are mixing and matching. i think that gets lost. >> one example is the takedown of the cell where you had ksm getting information that he gave $50,000. then you take that information. he gives us the name of the person that he gave a description and the phone number. that information, you then would lose analysis on on that phone number. it was critical to that. all sorts of intelligence aspects get involved. >> you cannot separate any single source, any single discipline, any si
and it passed, to help us determine how much further we could continue to draw down our nuclear weapons. john glenn was on it, lee hamilton, james woolsey, they had access to the defense department secret documents and information and they came out with quite a different view. let me point out some of the things they came up with. they said maintain the triad. they said maintain tactical nuclear weapons. they recommended no change in the alert status. the defense department's nuclear posture review under president obama and secretary gates found the alert status should not be altered. they fundamentally found a need for nuclear-weapons. that's the point. your commission basically says it undermines their request for nuclear-weapons. i will give you a chance to respond. global zero foresaw this argument before your report was issued. they said "the conditions that might make possible the global elimination of nuclear weapons are not present today and their creation would require a fundamental transformation of the world political order. that's a very strong statement and i think it was aimed a
clinton, john mccain, joe biden, and newt gingrich were falling all over themselves to express their support for israel. the only exception to that rule was senator chuck hagel. i don't have anything to go with that with what you might have said but -- some of the concerns -- i used to say when i was the whip in the house you can count on the house and the senate to be among other thing, always pro-israel. i think that is the main stream of our views. i've seen a number of times that you've said you can be pro-israel but that does not mean you have to be for everything that israel is for. they are what they are. they are reported from comments that you made that are out of the context of the other comments. also, earlier today, i asked you about the bloated pentagon. you said that -- those comments were before the sequestration bill passed. they were after the bill passed. sequestration passed on august 2 and the interview was on august 29. what you said on august 29 of -- in that "financial times" interview you said "the defense department, i think -- this is your quote "the d
. he is in my view an american hero. john is the former chief legal officer of the cia. he spent 34 years in a cia office of general counsel. he has been called the most influential career lawyer in the cia history. in his memoir, a former director prospects, -- director wrote, you do not call in the top guys in a crisis. call lawyers. get the information they needed while staying well inbounds of the law. personally.ed carefull before we discussed -- before we begin the discussion, let's show a trailer of the film. >> can i be honest with you? i have bad news. i am not your friend. i will not help you. i will break you. any questions? ♪ i want to make something absolutely clear. a working group coming to a rescue. i want you to know you are wrong. there is nobody else. there is just us. we are failing. ♪ >> do you really believe this story? osama bin laden? >> the whole world will want to know this. [indiscernible] ♪ >> all right. so, the progressives complaint is, the detection of torture is accurate, and their role in finding osama bin laden is not accurate. i want to ask a
, who is a leader. people will follow john mccain and marco rubio and others. it is the right thing for our country and the right thing for our economy. republicans have -- should have more interest in getting this reform passed than democrats. i think we won it for all the right reasons and that is because we want the hispanic votes. it is the right policy. host: we must do better at has a different opinion on twitter. let's go to ann in florida. good morning. caller: good morning. i think you're the most wonderful example of immigration in our country. i am a little nervous. i am a republican. i was concerned about the speech by marco rubio. how do you think our current administration president is going to follow in forcing identification? i'm in florida. how the enforcement by the republican platform that they unveiled will be addressed in terms of following our border rules and that sort of thing. thank you. guest: thank you. that is a good question. senator rubio issued a press release talking about that aspect of it. the president did not identify border triggers before we all
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8

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